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Definite neuter plural

From the tips and notes: "Many neuter nouns do not have to follow this rule. Instead, they can become definite plurals by adding on an -a ending instead. The choice is yours, but the -ene ending is somewhat more common." Is it possible to mix the forms? I tried with one sentence, and it seemed to accept one -a ending and one -ene ending without complaint. Is that intentional?

June 3, 2015



Be sure to consult the tables in a dictionary, such as this one to see which forms you are allowed to use. Sometimes one form is used way more often than another, usually the -ene ending. Please send us a report when a definite neuter plural noun doesn't accept one ending or another, and we'll keep track of them that way.

Although it is technically grammatically acceptable, it sounds very strange to hear or read a sentence that mixes forms unnaturally, such as:

Barnene bor i husa.


Barn and bein require -a, the rest use -ene. There can be differences depending on the dialect(as always...), but that's the general rule.

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