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Duolingo has improved my English...and i am studying French

Ok, i am in French, and i realized that about half the "fails" were due not to an incorrect understanding of french, but to a bad use of English...(i am spanish, so French is relatively easy to understand, at least on writing). So, thanks Duolingo.

October 1, 2013



That is true for many native English speakers here as well. Many speakers of any language do not understand the grammar of their native language very well, and only figure it out when trying to learn another language.


In deed, I doubt that I would have ever achieved my current command of English if I had remained a monoglot.

I fully endorse the conventional wisdom that English speakers should study French to expand vocabulary (1) , German to improve grammar (2) and Latin to do both (3) .

  1. Almost two thirds of all English words are of Romance origin with French being the main conduit.
  2. The more arcane points of English grammar (e.g. proper use of words like "whom" or "hither", irregular verbs such as "to smite") tend to have equivalents in German.
  3. I would go so far as to say that sufficient study of Latin will permanently alter the way that one's mind works, bringing a noticeable increase in the order and precision with which one expresses one's thoughts.


Keep posting and commenting rspreng! You and others are gradually teaching me the rudiments of grammar in both English and Spanish. Muchas Gracias.


Yes, I now realize how much more difficult English is to learn than Spanish (in my opinion). I never used to think of things like what Zeimer said, "I didn't say that" and "I said that".


Same for me, except that English is a mother tongue for me XD


It is helpful, however while doing the french lessons I have seen many bad or wrong english translations! You might just want to verify with another source if you think something doesn't look right.


I agree. I am actually practicing my basic English grammar rules at the same time.


Vraily? My enlais soment bevien bavais...


SAME FOR ME!!! i thought i was the only one who could possibly be that bad at English lol


Not only you my dad!

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