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"Mi volis manĝi fragojn hieraŭ."

Translation:I wanted to eat strawberries yesterday.

June 3, 2015



Awe... he sounds so disappointed.


Yesterday, all the strawberries were so far away…


Hieraŭ, ĉiuj la fragoj estis tiom malproksimaj...


Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to, Strawberry Fields.... ♫


Lasu min gvidi vin je, ĉar mi iras al, fragaj kampoj…


Is "you" also a DO here? I would've thought it'd be al vi, or something similar.


Gvidi vin = (to) guide (take) you. Gvidi al vi = (to) guide (take) to you.

I wasn't trying so much for the idea as I was for recognizable.


I see now. Dankon.


I just laughed (I have headphones on) and my husband is looking at me very oddly. Next time I play and sing 'Yesterday' for my neighbour, I'll remember that and will add it in :) She'll never notice


This is another select a word challenge that has more than 1 correct answer. Of course probably the best answer is volis which can be deduced by the presence of hieraŭ in the sentence.

But. But I should point out that the endings of -u (present among the choices) and -us (not present among the choices) are also valid, since those endings are verb moods and tense with those moods is deduced by context or indicated by context.

So, mi volu manĝi fragojn hieraŭ is perfectly valid Esperanto, meaning something like I should have wanted to eat strawberries yesterday. And because the select a word challenges don't show what the sentence is being translated to, this does create a minor error if someone should decide to select volu and be marked wrong for it.


Jes, mi ankaux rimarkis, ke, en la kondicxa kazo ("se vi..."), Duolingo ne rajtigas nin uzi "-us". O.o


This was one of those exercises for me where they leave a blank space and you pick the right conjugation, with no English sentence to guide your decision, yet volos was marked wrong. Why?

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The word "hieraŭ" means "yesterday", so it can only be past tense.

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