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"Antaŭe mi studis la francan. Nun mi parolas ĝin."

Translation:Before, I studied French. Now I speak it.

June 3, 2015



That's a wonderful progression!


Now only if i can do that with every language.


And with Duolingo you can do it not just with French, aim higher good Lady!


I'm trying. Hopefully tomorrow I will get my first ever 1 week streak!

GJ on the 120 days and I was wondering, how fluent are you in those languages that appear next to your name?


According to Duolingo, I am 60% fluen in French, 47% in Italian, 45% in German, Dutch and Esperanto don't have a counter and 38% in Spanish. I am pretty sure that I am 100% fluent in Spanish (native speaker hehehe), I learned English thanks to videogames, movies and songs. I do not know how accurate is my fluency in Italian and German, but in French I spoke several times with French, Canadian and Belgican persons in Skype told me that I have a very good pronunciation, I just lack a lot of vocabulary. So, Duolingo is a great platform to understand the basis of a language, but If you want to master it, you will have to study more grammar on your own and look out for sites as [Conversation exchange] (http://www.conversationexchange.com) Where you can skype with native speakers of your selected languange. And also you can help them to improve their skills in your language. Have a nice day :)


congrats on not dropping your streak a year later!


Nun mi studas Esperanton. Poste mi parolos ĝin!


Nun mi parolas la Esperanton, poste mi studos gxin.


Ha! Vi jam estas sur nivelo 13, do, oni direblas ke ni kaj studas kaj parolas esperanton samtempe. ;-)


Parce-que Duolingo m'a aidé! (Ĉar Duolingo helpis min.)


Why in the same sentence but with Italian was "nun" counted wrong and here it is correct?


I think in that sentence they used the word "hodiaux" (today) and not "nun"?


Why is "Now I am speaking it" not accepted?


Lol I'm already a native mwahahah


But you are only lvl 12. ^^


Et maintenant je peux le parler, je réalise que j'aurais mieux fait d'apprendre l'espagnol parce qu'il y a pas beaucoup de francophones dans le monde avec qui le parler.

Nan, je déconne, je suis français et j'aime beaucoup ma langue, et je n'en souhaiterais pas une autre, bien qu'elle soit pas tellement parlé pour un pays qui est quand même la 5ème puissance mondiale.

Si un français qui apprend l'espéranto passe par ici, qu'il me réponde, on pourra discuter et progresser ensemble. Bisous.

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