"La mondo estas malgranda."

Translation:The world is small.

June 3, 2015

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♬ its a small world after all ♬


Okay, let me try...

Estas mondo de ridado, mondo de timoj
Estas mondo de ĝojo, kaj mondo de larmoj
Ni havas tiom multe komune, ke estas tempo por konscii
Ke finfine estas malgranda mondo

And then repeat "Finfine estas malgranda mondo" into infinity and beyond!

Words looked up (at Lernu.net and Tatoeba.org):
ridado = rid- (laugh) + -ado suffix = the act of continuing to laugh = laughter
timo = a fear
ĝojo = joy
larmo = a tear
komune = (in) common
tempo = time
konscii = to realize, be aware
finfine = fine (finally, in the end) + fine = in the (very) end, after all

If I did not screw up somewhere. Which I well might have.


Just made a new singable version!

Estas mond' de ridoj, kaj mond' de tim'
Estas mond' de donoj, kaj mond' de krim'
tiom similas ni, ke ni konsciu pli,
ke ja estas eta mond'

Eta estas nia mond’
Eta estas nia mond’
Eta estas nia mond’
Estas eta mond'

As FredCapp explained, the apostrophe is an -o that is left out for poetic purposes.
So mond' = mondo, tim' = timo, krim' = krimo

Literal translation of my translation:

It's a world of laughs, and a world of fear,
It's a world of acts of giving, and a world of crime.
So similar are we, that we should be aware more,
that it is indeed a tiny world.

Tiny is our world,
Tiny is our world,
Tiny is our world,
It's a tiny world.


Bravo! Nun mi povas tute forgesi la version kiun mi komencis, sed neniam finis.


So it could also be used for Esperanto rap too? :P


Certe. Fakte, se vi aŭskultas al Muzaiko, vi foje aŭdus Esperantan hiphopan muzikon.



Did you know that Zamenhof has said that for poetic purposes, etc. one can leave off the final -O or -A and replace them with an apostrophe? So your first line could be Estas mondo ridada, kaj mondo de tim' ktp.


I do know that, but probably not yet when I wrote that.

I guess estas fine eta mond' (it is in the end a tiny world) or something might be better for "it's a small world after all", since you can sing it to the music! :D


Estas vere eta mond' (it's a truly small world) gets my vote.

When I'm translating songs I always start with a literal translation, then I start poking around to match scansion. This means getting the beats in the right place, making certain that there aren't too many, or too few, syllables, etc. It's a process which can drive those around me batty, because I'm constantly singing one line over and over until I find the right phrasing with the right scansion and the right meaning. My family is currently cursing you since I've been doing that to this song since I first read your prior post yesterday.

However, I'm not ready to post it yet, since I'm still working on the verse.


Haha, that's awesome! Now I'll be singing that all day. ♪Finfine estas malgranda mondo...♫♪


commenting so I can come back to this


My thoughts exactly!


that's exactly what i thought when i learned the sentence!


I thought of that song! I thought someone would comment it!


Esperanto is very very easy for portuguese natives. I don't know why took me so long to start this amazing language.


I think, basically for everybody who knows a little common Romance and Germanic vocabulary… That was the purpose!


I confirm but being both a Portuguese and French native, I find it much easier when compared to the latter.


Can it mean "It's a small world", like when you stumble upon an acquaintance in a totally unexpected place? Cause in French, it translates, word for word, to this idiom.


I believe that is really how the Owl meant for us to use it.


Sed la vivo grandas!


I translated as "moon" because German for moon is der Mond... I hate learning multiple languages sometimes.


I'm also (re)learning Norwegian. There vi means "we," kun means "know" and sur means "sour," so I can relate. Oh, did I mention that dyr can either be an adjective and mean "expensive", or a noun and mean "animal"? or similarly with gift meaning either "a poison" or "to marry"?


The annoying part of learning multiple languages is that!


Estas malgranda malgranda malgranda mondo


Should it take "The world is little"? It didn't, and I reported it for not taking it.


It sounds a little awkward in English, but it should be accepted.


Here's my version (sorry...):

Estas Malgranda Mondo

Estas mond' de rido Mond' de ploro Estas mond' de tim' Kaj de espero Kiun ni kune havas Kaj ni scii devas Ke estas malgranda mondo

Estas malgranda mondo Estas malgranda mondo Estas malgranda mondo Ni havas malgrandan mondon

Nur estas unu lun' Kaj unu suno Kaj ridet' estas amika Por ĉiu homo Kvankam la montoj dividas, Kaj la marojn ne idas, Estas malgranda mondo

Estas malgranda mondo Estas malgranda mondo Estas malgranda mondo Ni havas malgrandan mondon


... sed mi certe scius pentri ĝin.

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