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"¿Cuál es el propósito de la investigación?"

Translation:What is the purpose of the research?

October 1, 2013



"aim" should work don't you think?


I disagree, an aim is more of a 'goal' or an 'objective'. A purpose might be subtly different. An example: The purpose of the investigation is to bring a murderer to justice. Therefore the aim is to match the correct DNA found at the crime scene. This really is a very, very subtle difference though so I can see how you could argue it.


See but I wrote, "What is the aim of the investigation?" and was corrected, "What is the goal of the investigation?" so what is he explanation behind this?


The explanation is that sometimes the hints and correct responses in DL are wonky.
Sometimes the report button helps, but sometimes we have to settle for just learning what we can from what the sentence is trying to teach us.

In this sentence:
propósito = purpose
apuntar= aim


I said 'aim' as well, which I've definitely seen used in academic papers relating to their research ('investigacion'). Agree it should be accepted.


Cuando utilizo "cuál", y cuando utilizar "qué"?


Sort of: Que asks for a definition or explanation and Cual asks for a response from (at times very long) list of options -- sometimes either will work.


Whoever programmed this should accept the following translations as well:

  1. "What is the research's purpose?";

  2. "What is the investigation's purpose?" and

  3. "What is the purpose of the investigation?"

They're all obviously correct. Instead, I was penalized for using (1) and (2), which makes me feel dead certain that they would have taken a point off if I used (3).

From Word Reference: investigación nf (indagación, pesquisa) investigation n (commission) inquiry, enquiry n (UK) inquiry n investigación nf (estudio) (medical) study n (general) research n Clearly, the term "investigation" should be accepted, as well as the shorter genitive forms.


Why doesn't "What is the research's purpose" work here? After all, it is a valid, grammatical, alternative English construction of the answer at hand here, using the genitive form of a noun.


I reported it, though I wonder how long it will be before they accept that answer.


Why isn't "enquiry" accepted?


Perhaps «la encuesta» would be a more direct translation. Idk. You can try to report it.


No mater how many times I say this phrase correctly, the mic does not pick it up.


What is wrong with" intention or aim" for "proposito"?


«intención» = "intention," and «meta» = "goal"/"aim"

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Q: What is the purpose of the investigation?

A: To find out if there are any ties between the Russian government and the Trump administration


Gave "aim" as a hint, but did not accept it.


Propósito is specifically defined as purpose or aim and then the program substitutes the definition as GOAL. What gives? Or is this simply to keep students from getting too confident?


The answer above uses "purpose," so I'm not sure what error you encountered...


So now a days, duolingo has a little bar to select words for the sentence... It gave me the option to write, What is the purpose of living?

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