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Option to accept ss as eszet and -e after vowel as umlauted vowel?

I've been using my phone for Duolingo because it's more convenient, but unfortunately, my phone has no way to type umlauted vowels or the eszet. Now, it's accepted that when one does not have a German keyboard, adding an e after a vowel denotes that said vowel is umlauted, and a double s is accepted as an eszet. So could Duolingo please accept these as correct spellings as well? I'm tired of typing a instead of ae, o instead of oe, u instead of ue, and s instead of ss just so Duolingo will let me continue with a correct answer when the misspellings grate on even my own nerves!

Please see http://i58.tinypic.com/fk01uw.jpg.

June 4, 2015



Android and iOS both allow multiple keyboard layouts.


I use a Xiaomi mobile made in China, and neither of the Chinese-made smartphones I have owned have had any keyboard options aside from English and Chinese. :\


Do you have the option of installing a keyboard app on your mobile, such as GO Keyboard, which supports German input?


I hadn't even realized that that was an option! Thank you so much, that worked!


I just tried it out. AFAICT Duolingo does already accept those substitutions. On the PC version at least.


That's actually why I did it that way at first on the app, because I distinctly remembered that being allowed on the computer! But I was told my answer was wrong when using the app. :(

Edit: Strange, I just tried it out now on the app and it works, whereas it didn't several days ago! Hooray!

Edit x 2: Seems to work for only some words...worked for moegen but not fuehlt....


Maybe they have to be added manually?


It feels like there should be a not too difficult way to code for this, though!

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