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"Send the box of chocolate to me!"

Translation:Sendu la skatolon de ĉokolado al mi!

June 4, 2015



Ne, tiu estas tre malbona ideo, Duo. Sendu la skatolon de ĉokolado anstataŭ al MIIII! :))

[Feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes.]


Would "skatolon da cxokolado" be acceptable, since 'da' is describing a quantity (a box) of chocolate?


Skatolon da ĉokolado means a box load of chocolate.

Skatolon de ĉokoload implies that the box is the one with chocolate! - Chocolate's box.



Is it not the other way around?

Salono de ŝtono is a hall of stone? Not a hall with stone in?


Yes, "de" describes a quality, while "da" describes a quantity. "Salono de ŝtono" is indeed a hall made of stone, while "salono da ŝtono" would be "a hall-ful of stone".

For this particular sentence, it seems to me that "skatolo de ĉokolado" is more appropriate, since what's being sent is a box that happens to contain chocolate. "Skatolo da ĉokolado" would be analogous to "kilogramo da ĉokolado", that is a certain quantity of chocolate is being sent, without describing how it is packaged.

Hope that makes sense :)


I think I was confused because in the Tips/Notes for the Da/De section, it gives the example of "glaso da vino" translated as "a glass of wine".

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