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  5. "Eteği kaybettim."

"Eteği kaybettim."

Translation:I lost the skirt.

June 4, 2015



Why is it "Eteği kaybettim" not "Eteği kayboldum" like in "Ne zaman kayboldu?"?


I'm not sure if you've figured out the answer already but, if not, hope this helps (^-^)

I'm just learning Turkish myself, but I believe 'kaybettim' means 'I lost [it]' (from the verb kaybetmek, 'to lose'), whereas 'kayboldu' means 'he/she/it got/became lost' (from the verb kaybolmak, 'to be lost'). So you would use '[onu] kaybettim' to say 'I lost it' and 'kayboldum' to say 'I am lost'.


Can I ask to make this I lost My skirt, would it be 'etegim kaybettim' or 'etegimi kaybettim?


If an object with a possessive ending is a direct object it will always have the accusative case because you are talking about a specific object (this means eteğimi is correct). This helps in telling you if it is accusative or 3rd person case ending :D

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