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  5. "Kvinnen drikker ikke ølen."

"Kvinnen drikker ikke ølen."

Translation:The woman is not drinking the beer.

June 4, 2015



Ale is appearantly an accepted translation of Øl. :)

[deactivated user]

    Isn't kvinna correct as well as kvinnen? It appears to be correct in other questions.


    et öl but here it is ölen, why did et become en? sorry for ö, cant write Norwegian ö.


    To be quite exact, et øl refers to a brand or type of beer (et lettøl- a light beer), while en øl refers to a portion of beer, like a glass or a bottle. Most Norwegians would, however, mix it up, so I wouldn't worry about it. They are both correct.


    Good to hear Norwegians mix it up too since the previous question where this appeared someone gave a similar answer about how et øl refers to beer itself and en øl to for example a glass of beer. So I kinda was mind boggled what when to use especially in a context of drinking it.


    Should have remembered that in swedish course, its same there... will keep in mind now, thank you!


    Normal speed pronunciation of "Kvinnen" sounds like "gin-en" and turtle speed sounds normal. Calrification please! Is there an alternative way to pronounce "Kvinnen"?


    we do not say the for the second noun in English. please accept phrases without the second article

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    That would change the meaning to the woman not drinking beer in general from the woman not drinking the specific glass/bottle/other serving of beer.


    In the recording 'kvinnen' is pronounced like kvin-nen but when I tap the word alone it's pronounced like kvin-n. Any explanations?


    At first i thought she said oljen but to my surprise the answer was accepted

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