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  5. "Şimdi biz bir komiteyiz."

"Şimdi biz bir komiteyiz."

Translation:Now we are a committee.

June 4, 2015



To me, "now we are a committee" implies that all of us have formed one committee together, and there are no other members. Is this correct?

How would I say "now we are on a committee"?


You can say "Şimdi biz bir komitedeyiz" for that. When you want to say on and in and at, in Turkish, you must add "de" suffix to the object.


teşekkür ederim. This is useful for me. İt is interesting that both English and Turkish use these prepositions in the same way to give the same meaning in this case.


To me, a sentence such as "now we are a committee" conveys more of a sense that finally a group of people has enough members to be considered a committee or has completed necessary requirements for committee status rather than there are no other members. Then again, "bir" can sometimes mean "one" rather than "a" in which case it would convey a meaning of "Now we are one committee," and carry with it a sense that a merge of some sort had taken place -- multiple committees had joined together to become one committee.

As for the phrase "Now we are on a committee," your question is a good one because, in English, it is fairly common to say it that way, but it is a bit idiomatic because we don't literally mean that someone is "on" the committee in a physical sense. We're really saying that someone is a member of the committee. The word "on" in English" can also mean "associated with."

Up until now, the only Turkish word I've learned for "on" is üzerinde or üstünde, but I doubt "Şimdi biz bir komite üzerinde/üstünde," translates into English in quite the same way. I suppose "Şimdi biz bir komite üyeleridir," or "Şimdi bir komite üyelerimiz," would work as well as any other combination of words for "Now we are on a committee."

Please keep in mind that I am not a native speaker of Turkish, but since it has been a week since you posted this and I had a different perspective to share on the English side of it, I thought I'd make the effort to try to answer your question.

Hope it helped!

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Would artık not be more appropriate than şimdi?


I thought so too


Why is "Now we are one committee" not accepted?


Because it never entered the minds of the contributors to add it. It is a little strange in English, but it has been added :)


"We are a committee" sounds a bit strange. Wouldnt it be "we are part of a committee" or "we have made a committee"


"Şimdi biz bir komiteyiz." Translation: Now we are a committee.


We are now a committee.

Correct other answer accepted by Duo.


i was wondering can we say "Şimdi bir komiteyiz" instead?




"Şimdi bir komiteyiz." We are now one committee.


Now we are a committee.

I'm saying your answer is correct too.

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