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  5. "What weight are you?"

"What weight are you?"

Translation:Cén meáchan atá tú?

June 4, 2015



I'd say Cad é an meáchan atá ionat?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, I agree.
    Also Cén meáchan atá ionat.
    Ó Dónaill gives Tá cloch mheáchain ann = It weighs a stone.


    Your answer is the most common phrasing in Munster. Cén isn't really used there by traditional speakers, and cad é is generally used in its place. Additionally, while there are sentences like Táim trí chloch déag meáchain with no prepostion, in all of the (Munster) sources I consulted i was more commonly used e.g. Cad é an mheáchaint atá ann - "How much does it way?" (meáchaint is the Munster variant of meáchan). So I'd say this answer should definitely be accepted.

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