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"This is an event that affects the whole world."

Translation:Bu tüm dünyayı etkileyen bir olay.

June 4, 2015



is there a difference between bütün and tüm?


Yes, there is: "tüm" means "all", and "bütün" means "the whole." Look at the examples in the last post of this thread. Apparently, they are used interchangeably in the everyday speech. I would say, for the current sentence, either both or "bütün" only should be accepted.


Is this correct ? "Bütün dünyayı etkileyen olay bu"


I wrote "bir olay," because it is "an event", but for the rest my answer was exactly the same (although, still not accepted).


Among the possible answers was a sentence exactly like the correct answer, except that it started with "şu" instead of "bu." Could "şu" not be translated as "this" also? Or is the option of "this" and "that" for "şu" apply only when you are talking about real spatial relationships, rather than something like an event that you can't point to. Am I making any sense? :)


It is definitely dependent on spacial relationships. I can say that şu means that but it has closer implications than o.


"tüm dünyayı etkileyen bu olay" what is wrong with this? ..by the way, i really do not understand the comment "stop cluttering" I do not thing, i did any mistake receiving a comment like that!


It is not a sentence then, it is a phrase meaning "This event which affects the whole world"


As I forgot the "bir" in my sentence I cannot see if the word order I used is correct too or not. My word order was as above, but "bu" in the end. Pls. can you tell me?


the structure: bu .... bir olay -》This is an .... event.
if you write: .... olay bu -》The .... event is this. ... : tüm dünyayi etkilen: the whole word effecting -: it describes "olay" May be you have an idea now:-)


Thank you for your answer. I think I understood it now.


"Bu bütün dünyaya etki eden bir olay"

Etki etmek eylemi de kabul edilebilir olmalı.

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