"Ben deneylerimi bu laboratuvarda yapıyorum."

Translation:I am performing my experiments in this laboratory.

June 4, 2015

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i am performing my experiments at this laboratory

why wrong


İs there a difference between doing and performing??


Can you please talk a little about word order here? My first guess was to put "bu laboratuvarda" before "deneylerimi." Why is it the other way around?


Both are fine :)


does it make sense to say denylerim instead of denylerimi


Not sense. If you use passive Deneylerim bu laboratuvarda yapılmaktadır.


Couldn't it also be expressed as "I am carrying out my experiments....."?


Turkish reform folks had a choice of words to adapt into the language, why not choose something simple from any other language seing as turkish has a habit of loading more baggage onto the words, laboratory is by itself a monstrous truck and after one adds the required suffixes it becomes an weildy mountain. Plus they have a word for experiment already, all they needed to do was change it into a noun for a place where experiments take place. Pasta to pastane etc


"Ben deneylerimi bu laboratuvarda yapıyorum." Translation: I am performing my experiments in this laboratory.


I am doing my experiments in this laboratory.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


to my knowledge experiments are not 'performed' but 'done' or 'carried out' but to progress I have to obediently use your vocabulary even if I don't agree withit!


Sure, experiments can be performed, conducted, done, carried out... - any of those would be a good fit. You could report any of those as missing alternative answers.


I was wondering, could you also say 'I'm working on my experiments in this laboratory' or would you then have to use calismak?


I don't think yapmak would be right for "working on" something. But I have seen uses of üzerinde çalışmak or uğraşmak that might fit.

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