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"Ben deneylerimi bu laboratuvarda yapıyorum."

Translation:I am performing my experiments in this laboratory.

June 4, 2015



i am performing my experiments at this laboratory

why wrong


Can you please talk a little about word order here? My first guess was to put "bu laboratuvarda" before "deneylerimi." Why is it the other way around?


Both are fine :)


does it make sense to say denylerim instead of denylerimi


Not sense. If you use passive Deneylerim bu laboratuvarda yapılmaktadır.


İs there a difference between doing and performing??


Couldn't it also be expressed as "I am carrying out my experiments....."?


Turkish reform folks had a choice of words to adapt into the language, why not choose something simple from any other language seing as turkish has a habit of loading more baggage onto the words, laboratory is by itself a monstrous truck and after one adds the required suffixes it becomes an weildy mountain. Plus they have a word for experiment already, all they needed to do was change it into a noun for a place where experiments take place. Pasta to pastane etc


"Ben deneylerimi bu laboratuvarda yapıyorum." Translation: I am performing my experiments in this laboratory.


I am doing my experiments in this laboratory.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

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