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  5. "En maur og en elefant"

"En maur og en elefant"

Translation:An ant and an elephant

June 4, 2015



Still a better love story than Twilight :p


Such a big diference between her speaking fast and slow. Sometimes I think that speaking fast she just ommits some of the words. May be it is because of my poor music skills, but here I didn't manage to hear "og" at all even after the 10th repeating. Is it normal for Norwegian or just a program's feature?


While not wanting to sound discouraging, the "og" is clear for me (native speaker). But she does speak quite quickly! It's quite common for the pauses between words to be short or absent, especially with small, unstressed words.


But elephants are scared of small animals, acording to cartoons :(


That is true, and I am still surprised that in all of the courses that I have taken, not one of them have mentioned anything about a mouse and an elephant.


I see you both have done quite a bit of Swedish... wasn't there a mention of this there? I believe there used to be a Swedish television program for kids with a mouse and an elephant, a classic...


I thought that was a German show, at least we have got it too


they tested that on mythbusters


The elephant shied from the mouse.


how do I now when "en" is used as "one" rather than "the"


"En"(ei,et) when unstressed mean "a"/"an", and when stressed they mean "one". Some people prefer to write this pronunciation as "én"(éi, ett), but the language council of Norway approves of the spelling without the accent for both meanings. En/Ei/Et as separate words never mean "the", but the endings -en/-a/-et (which indeed look like the indefinite articles!) mean "the". So "en maur" = an ant, "én maur" = one ant, "mauren" = the ant. In reality the rules of when to use which articles and which forms are not completely one to one between English and Norwegian, but that's another discussion.


Thanks you. This helps a lot,

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