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"Wij zoeken informatie over vraag en aanbod van tandpasta."

Translation:We are searching for information about the supply and demand of toothpaste.

3 years ago


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Out of curiosity, is "..demand and supply of toothpaste." also a correct answer? By reflex I answered "supply and demand"

3 years ago

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That's fine. This is just one of these fixed combinations that people just always use in the same order: salt and pepper, black and white. The common order of English "supply and demand" just happens to be reversed compared to the Dutch common order "vraag en aanbod".

3 years ago


we are searching for information about demand and supply of toothpaste

I think this should also be accepted

2 years ago


just to be clear, vraag = demant (related to "question") and aanbod = offer, right?

2 years ago