"Irish is being spoken by me."

Translation:Tá Gaeilge á labhairt agam.

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@Erik, á is a contraction of do (to) + a (his, her, their). It is used in 'passive possessive' constructions.

Tá teach á thógáil = a house is being build (=at/to her building). Add agam = by me.

Tá milseog á déanamh agat = you are making the dessert (English is not as fond of the passive as the more demure and shy Irish. Tá milseog á déanamh. Someone is making a dessert. See how the possessive part of á changes the verb th for masculine teach but d for feminine milseoig as in her car=a carr, his car = a charr.

But: Bhí sé do mo bualadh. He was beating me. Bhí sí á bhualadh. She was beating him. Bhí sé á bualadh. He was beating her.

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why is "labhraítear an ghaeilge agam" wrong?

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Because the autonomous is actually not a passive in native speec, but a agentless verb (one speaks Irish). It can't have an agwnt added to it.

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Hard to parse. á? Does the Irish mean "Irish, it's speaking is at me"?

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Read the hints section.

2 months ago
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