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"She does not eat meat because she is a vegetarian."

Translation:Hun spiser ikke kød fordi hun er vegetar.

June 4, 2015



Why both of 'hun er vegetar' and 'hun er en vegetar' are correct?


What's the difference between ¨spiser ikke kød¨and ¨spiser kød ikke¨?

[deactivated user]

    "spiser kød ikke" is never correct.

    It is always "spiser ikke kød" (main clause) or "ikke spiser kød" (secondary clause).

    As a main clause: Hun spiser ikke kød, fordi hun er vegetar.

    As a secondary clause: Hun er vegetar, fordi hun ikke spiser kød.


    'hun spiser ikke kød fordi hun er tallerken'. this is just one hell of an answer. whoever is the author, bless you ^_^


    Why does the ordstilling of this sentence follow English, instead of switching hun and er like other sentences?

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