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  5. "Han søker på en jobb."

"Han søker en jobb."

Translation:He is applying for a job.

June 4, 2015



if it does not mean looking for why does the translation given when you hover over the word give is looking for as an answer


When you hover over søker it tells you that the expression søker på means is applying for, while the word itself means just is looking. There's a thin vertical line after is looking, hover over and you'll see what I mean


So would "han søker en jobb" be "he's looking for a job"?


"Han søker etter en jobb." according to one of Duolingo's other sentences. Click on "søker" in the original sentence at the top of this discussion.


You can also click on "søker" in the original sentence at the top of this discussion for examples.


In American English, "searching" and "looking" are virtually the same when used in reference to job hunting.


"Å søke " means to apply for.

"Å søke etter" could indeed mean either to search or to look for.


Tussen Takk for that bit of clarification!


I use a German-Norwegian dictionary and it tells me that "Å søke på"means both, to apply for and to look for: https://deno.dict.cc/?s=s%C3%B8ke+p%C3%A5


does this sentence just mean "applie for a job"? because "looking for a job" is wrong


When using 'søker' in this context with 'på', it means 'applies'.


I edited my response, as I realised there are different meanings depending on the preposition.

"Jeg søker etter en job" = "I'm looking for a job".

It would probably be more common to say "Jeg leter etter en jobb" or "Jeg prøver å finne en jobb" (last one: I'm trying to find a job)


These nuances would be really useful in the section reference material.


Was about to inquire about that. I'd heard søker etter in one of the verb lists on the old tree, but don't remember seeing søker på. Takk for forklaring!

Question: Can you use søker på for when something applies, for example Verktøyet søker ikke på - when something doesn't apply to a situation?


So what is the difference between. Searching, looking, applying and seeking


Searching/looking/seeking all mean roughly the same thing - you're browsing through job sites, perhaps registering with recruitment agencies. Seeking/searching arguably have a bit more urgency and direction about them - you're not just seeing what's out there, you're actively wanting work - but that's not going to be true in every region English is spoken.

Applying, on the other hand, means that you're actually sending your CV/resumé/application form to employers.

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