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  5. "Тридцять одна година"

"Тридцять одна година"

Translation:Thirty-one hours

June 4, 2015



What is the meaning of the plural here? As a Pole, I intuitively understand this sentence as "The 31st hour". It is, however, an incorrect translation. How do plurals work exactly in Ukrainian?

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I am not very good at Polish, but "The 31st hour" will be - "trzydziesta pierwsza godzina" which corresponds to Ukrainian "трицять перша година".


I didn't really understand what you meant by "the meaning of plural here". "Година" is singular here... Just because the rules are like that, the case of the noun here depends only on the last digit - 1 - so година takes Nominative singular...


Well, 31 is definitely not 1, so we need to use plural here. Одна (один) is cardinal number, not ordinal. Ordinal for 1 is перша/перше/перший


Indeed it was a little confusing because we use genitive plural for numerals ending in 1, and nominative singular suggests that the number is an ordinal adjective, which is not. You can make it sound like the Ukrainian if you drop "i" in between: "trzydzieści (i) jedna godzina", "tysiąc i jedna noc" etc.

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