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Good Ukrainian resources to use with Duolingo?

Hey everyone, I'm trying to learn some Ukrainian because my girlfriend is from Ukraine and I want to speak to her in her native tongue, as well as learn more about her culture.

I love Duolingo, however, I prefer to use this along with a course that teaches conversational phrases.

I can't find any good resources online, so I would be grateful if anyone could help me out.


June 4, 2015



Teach Yourself and Assimil Course.

In my opinion is the best thing out there if you are starting Ukranian from scratch.

You have aswell Lingq.com, where you can find podcasts in Ukrainian, but i still find them dificult if you don't know atleast the basics.

Just stick with Duolingo and chose one of the above, Assimil or Teach Yourself. After attaining a fairly good level, take a look at lingq.com

I am doing this for German. Assimil + Duolingo, further down the road Lingq.com.

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