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"How many batteries do you need?"

Translation:Kiom da baterioj vi bezonas?

June 4, 2015



Why isn't "baterioj" in accusative form here? ("bateriojn")


Because you have a preposition right in front of it, rule of thumb, never use accusative after "da".


I love that it accepts "pilojn" even though it isn't taught here. I feel "baterio" is too English. "Pilo" is at least from the original word, "pile". It was literally a pile of zinc, copper and electrolyte.


What's the difference between "bezonas" and "devas"? Why is "devas" wrong in this context?


As this course has taught me*, bezonas (bezoni) is for needs and wish fulfillment, for lack of better terminology... Eg: I need batteries, I need to run, I have needs.

And this course has also taught me that devas (devi) is for imperative orders, like the English word, must. You must wash the car, you need to be careful (imperatively speaking), you have to help me, etc.

Basically if it's not an order but rather wish fulfillment, I've gotten by using bezoni.

*If I'm wrong about any of this, it's been a shortcoming of this particular course. These would seem to be the rules they play by.


Can somebody explain to me why isn't there "Cxu" in this sentence? Is it because of the "Kiom"?


Cxu is used when the answer is yes or no.

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