"She orders a cup of tea."

Translation:Ŝi mendas tason da teo.

June 4, 2015



Why not 'tason da teon' ?

June 4, 2015


Never accusative after da, and only in some rare cases after other prepositions.

June 4, 2015


Why 'da' instead of 'de'? What is the rule for when to use which?

September 10, 2015


It's in the notes for this module, but in short:

da indicates a quantity, while de indicates a quality.

So, tason da teo is a cupful of tea, whereas tason de teo would be the teacup itself.

October 13, 2015


Thank you. You can't see the notes in the android app afaik

January 9, 2016


If she were at the coffee shop and she ordered a cup of tea, rather than coffee, would an observer not say, "tason de teo"?

May 15, 2018


I'm interested in knowing why the answer has to be a cup of tea. If we want to get specific, the lady isn't ordering a cup, rather tea. So would an appropriate answer be "Ši mendas teon en taso" ?

May 12, 2018
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