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[Poll] Which Duolingo hackathon project would you like to see implemented the most?


I figured a poll would be the best way to find out what everyone is most interested in, instead of relying on comments that are upvoted/downvoted to gauge interest.

For those who have yet to read about the hackathon projects, or for those who forget which project is which #, go to the following link.


October 1, 2013



Yeah... great idea to create your own poll. I also wish that Duo would do polls. They could create a separate tab up at the top where it says "Home," "Immersion," "Discussion," "Vocabulary," and "Mobile," a tab labelled "Polls," and Duo users could vote on the polls whenever they wanted to. If Duo just created a poll like yours, Zach, they could see what was most highly voted instead of Kristinemc having to pore through all of the feedback and organize it into some meaningful data instead.


Over 460 people have voted so far.:)


Project #3 is essencial.


DL could easily create a poll for this if they wished, but it appears that Kristinemc will have to pore through all of the feedback and organize it into some meaningful data instead. An external poll won't be particularly representative since only a fraction of DL users use the forums, and only a fraction of those will respond to the external poll.


If that is your criteria for a representative poll, then no polls are representative. Even if they made an official poll, only a fraction use the forums and only a fraction would respond to it.

I really do wish they would make official polls for things though. The entire reason I made this one is because there isn't an official poll.


Actually I think your poll is great and I agree with you, they didn't make any poll, so I'm glad you made yours. Obviously they are going to see it, therefore it is helpful. :D


That's more or less my point. If they wanted a poll, there would be one. Apparently they feel that soliciting feedback as they've done will give them the information that they need better than a poll which (probably) won't yield a good sampling of sentiment.


We have no idea what they are thinking or if they considered a poll. This poll is about as useful as looking through a forum topic for answers and opinions. No approach is better nor do we have any insight into DL thought process. Zach1337 great initiative and it is pretty interesting to see how the vote is going.


Dude, did you mean "pore" instead of "pour"?!


I did, in fact. Thanks for the catch.


I was wondering how Kristinemc would be able to get a liquid to flow through data.


Are you implying that people who use the forums and respond to polls are more likely to vote for a particular project? Because I would love to know what makes you think that...


Well explain your motivation, because it appears to be precisely that.


Not at all. Nowhere in my post did I indicate, implicitly or explicitly, that there would be any sort of bias towards a particular selection. I clearly stated that my issue with a poll like this is with the fact that it's not representative due to the small sample size. It seems as if you've misinterpreted that to mean something else entirely, but I'm happy to expand upon my original point.

Only a subset of Duolingo users peruse these forums. Of those, only a portion will view this particular thread A smaller group yet will click through to the poll. Some of those will abandon the poll before responding. The end result is that a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the userbase will respond. Those that do respond may not yield a sample size large enough to be meaningful.

Another issue, and one that I didn't really allude to in my previous posts, is the fact that this particular poll is asking the same (relatively) small group users for feedback as kristinemc's forum post. If both the poll and the feedback thread's responses are considered, preferences will be overrepresented because some people (the subset of users that respond to both) are essentially voting twice.

Given this, I merely questioned the value of a poll (the variety of answers notwithstanding). Frankly, a hundred-ish responses to a forum post isn't a good way of getting this sort of info for all of the same reasons I mentioned above. A better way to get this data is for DL to implement a poll or survey that is pushed to all users. You still have the issue of portion of users opting out, but it's somewhat mitigated because the choices are presented to all active users, increasing the sample size.


All of them!! :D


Can you make one for What language will you help add on Duolingo once the Duolingo Incubator is out? It would be cool to know what kind of languages people will be working on.


the one where you get free stuff


394th voter! Welcome!


2 or 5 i cant decide


cant they start putting them all in


Project #3 first, project #1 second. Other projects are unnecessary to me, especially challenging friends.

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