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Just lost lingots

I bought the French quiz (I'm really rather delighted how much of this I remember from high school) for 25 lingots. 5 questions in, the web page froze up and I had to kill Chrome. When I got back, the test page was gone and so were my lingots. I'd like them back if possible? I would have asked about this more privately but the "contact us" button appears to be non-functional. :P

June 4, 2015



Since I currently have 2800 lingots +, I've given you a refund :) There's no "official" way to get them back unfortunately; if something goes wrong you've lost the lingots for good. Now go try the test again ;)


Je vous remercie!

I think I'll wait to try it again until I'm on a computer that's less likely to try to randomly update itself, as I think that's what caused the freeze.


You can always try to write to Duo (link at the bottom of this page.

N.B.: Je vous remercie [mandatory space] !
There is a space in French (from France at least, not in Canada) before ?, !, : and ;.


Yeah, that's where the "contact us" button didn't work, alas.

Thank you, I did not know that. It's always the tiny details that trip one up. :)


Happened to me too. Except - I had to quit! I just did not know the words I was given. I thought it would cover what I had already done. Bummer. AnMarKay

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