"Doğum tarihim"

Translation:My birth date

June 4, 2015

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why is 'my birthday' wrong?


because that is "doğum günüm".


Can I ask what the difference between birthday and birth date is in Turkish? I use them interchangeably in English


Kinda what Rania says, they're not really interchangeable in English. I'd ask a girl in a bar her birthday, but it would be creepy to ask her birth date (or more commonly "date of birth"). If she came into my work and I needed her details it would be the other way round :)


I do not know for sure but I guess birth date is more formal .. you can be asked about your birth date officially in the court house or police station.. it make a bit more sense to be date not day!


Tarih is a persian word that means date In turkish tarikh converted to tarih


How do you say 'Happy Birthday'?


There are a few ways that Turks will wish each other happy birthday, but the most direct translation is:

  • Doğum günün kutlu olsun (informal singular)
  • Doğum gününüz kutlu olsun (formal or plural)

(Literally: My your birthday be happy/blessed.)

If you're curious, other things you may hear instead include:

  • İyi ki doğdun = It's good that you were born
  • Nice mutlu yıllara = To many happy years


Doğum means birth, why isn't my birth doğumum?


In England we dont ask what is your birth date


Agreed, its a possible sentance, but we would always say "what is your date of birth" instead. In fact "the date of my birth" is a more likely sentance in England than "my birthdate".


My date of birth.

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