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  5. "Doğum tarihim"

"Doğum tarihim"

Translation:My birth date

June 4, 2015



why is 'my birthday' wrong?


because that is "doğum günüm".


Can I ask what the difference between birthday and birth date is in Turkish? I use them interchangeably in English


Kinda what Rania says, they're not really interchangeable in English. I'd ask a girl in a bar her birthday, but it would be creepy to ask her birth date (or more commonly "date of birth"). If she came into my work and I needed her details it would be the other way round :)


I do not know for sure but I guess birth date is more formal .. you can be asked about your birth date officially in the court house or police station.. it make a bit more sense to be date not day!


Listening over and over I hear “Doğum tarih “, not “tarihim”


Me too! It can't be heard "tarihim", absolutely!


Even if you click the kaplumbağa you can hear tarihi, not tarihim.


I cannot hear tarihim. This is a mistake.


Tarih is a persian word that means date In turkish tarikh converted to tarih


Tārīkh is an arabic word, bro.


Guys please dont make weırd sentences.


Boo, this is Duolingo, the land of weird sentences. Have you met Duo Baykuşu, King of this Land, speaker of nonsense?


But learners want to learn sentences that are useful in the real world, not useless sentences


Personally I don't really think it matters wether or not the sentence is relevant to the real world. I'm learning how to formulate my own sentences either way. I'm not going to remember hardly a single sentence word for word that they tell me on Duolingo. But I will remember the words and the grammar. And that's all you need. You speak your native language by remembering all of the words and grammar rules. Not by memorizing thousands of "useful" sentences. And if all you do is memorize useful sentences and never figure out how to formulate ANY sentence using ANY words, then you'll never be fluent in the language.


This is not a weird sentence/phrase. "Date of Birth" is "Doğum Tarihi".

You can see this on a Turkish Passports/ID cards, on Vikipedi proflies (Turkish Wikipedia), or on any Turkish forms that you'd fill out, etc.

Of all the sentences/phrases on Duo, this is probably one of the most useful :-)


How do you say 'Happy Birthday'?


There are a few ways that Turks will wish each other happy birthday, but the most direct translation is:

  • Doğum günün kutlu olsun (informal singular)
  • Doğum gününüz kutlu olsun (formal or plural)

(Literally: My your birthday be happy/blessed.)

If you're curious, other things you may hear instead include:

  • İyi ki doğdun = It's good that you were born
  • Nice mutlu yıllara = To many happy years


İ hear dogum tarihim but it is wrong


Date of birth is more common


Doğum means birth, why isn't my birth doğumum?

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