"Ĵurnalo estas blanka kaj nigra."

Translation:A newspaper is white and black.

June 4, 2015

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I think the phrase "black and white" as in black and white photography, black and white film, black and white morality, is idiomatic in English. Therefore, it would not surprise me if others, like myself, consistently mistranslate this phrase as "A newspaper is black and white."


Why is the translation "newspaper is white and black" not acceptable. Couldn't this sentence be a statement about newspaper in general? Or would it need to be written in the plural form?


"Newspaper is white and black" Why is the A necessary here? Is there a different way of conveying that "Newspapers in general tend to be black and white"


Yes, the idiomatic color ordering "black and white" should be accepted. Notably, the Spanish course accepts ONLY the idomatic version, requiring "blanca y negra" to be translated "black and white."

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