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  5. "You are acting."

"You are acting."

Translation:Sen rol yapıyorsun.

June 4, 2015



Could this also be used to mean "you're kidding" or "you're pretending/lying"? Or is it strictly about acting?


It could be "you're pretending/lying", but that's rare. It's probably just "you're acting".


When asked about the differece between "rol yapmak" and "rol oynamak", I recall that in another 'thread', Ektoraskan answered this question differently.

Rol yapmak = to feign / to pretend

Rol oynamak = to act

Ektoraskan said:

"While you can indeed be talking about how well a certain actor feigns death, in which case "rol yapmak" could work, you will generally hear people say "rol oynarlar", in the sense of "acting".


Yeah, between rol yapmak and rol oynamak, I would still choose oynamak for acting a role on a scene. But, more context would help indeed.


Teşekkürler :)


when a child pretends to be sleeping in order not to get up for breakfast, a mother can say "Rol yapıyorsun" just to mean "you are pretending".


Can I not say "oynuyorsun"?


Not really, that would be more like "you are playing." :)


oh, I see. thanks.:) (My logic was if actors act, oyuncular oynarlar :D)


Update: we added it as an alternative. Just remember that unless you have a very specific context (like being in a theater or talking about your acting career), it is a little hard to get the meaning of "act" from this :)


Not without context. If you were watching the new x-men movie and just saaw your friend in one of the scenes, you may pick up the phone and say to your friend "X-men filminde oynuyorsun" (you are acting in x-men movie)

If someone just says "oynuyorsun" out of the blue, as a Turkish native, I'd think that someone is participating in a game (playing in a game).

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The turkish rol is the english role, right? Borrowed from french? So rol yapmak actually would be playing a role or doing a role?


It is from French and it can mean that. it was just a missing translation (as it sounds pretty clunky in most instances in English). It is accepted now.


"You are acting." Translation: Sen rol yapıyorsun.


Rol yapıyorsun. - Correct.

Verb stem "-sun." "You are."

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