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Phone app feature - see and post comments

I know that when using Duolingo through the website you can report problems and there is also a comment section. Will this ability be added to the phone apps? Now that the android app is available, I have been doing most of the lessons from my phone and I really miss this feature!

October 1, 2013



...and the conjugation of the verbs.


Yeah I started on the android phone app... Didn't realize what all I was missing out on until I decided to find the website to see if I can ask a question. Would be very useful to be able to see the same things on the app.


@Duolingo: why not indicate that a lot more possibilities are available online (until it's available in the phone app, if available one day. It applies also to other app that don't have some features)?

I don't really know how to do it:

  • explain it ONLY on the creation of the account -> probably useless since people will not pay attention to this at this moment.
  • give a "Discussion" link (I don't know Duo on other plateform than computers but I imagine same link as - with computer's name - Home, Vocabulary... By the way is there immersion in Phone App? If there is no way to read/write comment from Phone App, I hope not.) that open a popup saying that it's available on the computer's platform only (for the moment?). -> Marketing-speaking not really good since you show that something missing on the phone app. But is marketing more important than learning here? ;)
  • in the exercises, give the link "Discussion sentence", as in the computer's platform, and indicating the same as above.
  • another better idea... ? :)


It's really annoying that you can't post comments when learning on the phone. Duo, can you open that option, please?

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