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  5. "Mauren er kjempeliten!"

"Mauren er kjempeliten!"

Translation:The ant is very small!

June 4, 2015



Is this a general prefix that can be used to strengthen adjectives? Kjempegod, kjempefin, kjempekjedelig etc.?


This was asked and answered later during this unit and the answer was YES :) (And the general prefix should be called 'productive prefix'.)


But the sentence "The ant is very small" can be translated as "Mauren er veldig liten", ikke sant?


Kjempeliten is funny: Giant-small.


I think of it as "super small", which matches in English the same degree of moderate informality that has been described about kjempe-.


Does this follow the same rules as "liten"? So, kjempelille, kjempesmå, etc, or is it just always kjempeliten?


kjempeliten (m, singular)
kjempelita (f, singular)
kjempelite (n, singular)

kjempesmå (m n f, plural)

You can also replace kjempe- with bitte- for this particular word; bitteliten, etc...


Would kjempelille also be acceptable? Thanks


"lille" is the singular definite form of "liten".

  • Mauren er liten.
  • Den lille mauren
  • Maurene er små.
  • De små maurene

"Liten" is the most irregular adjective. Even after 2 years of Swedish and 10 months of Norwegian, it still trips me up.


what is the difference between "lite" and "sma"?


The really quick and insufficient answer is that små is always used for plurals and only plurals.

Check out the Tips & Notes for Adjectives. If you scroll to the bottom, there is a complete table listing the different forms of little/small with examples. See here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Adjectives/tips-and-notes

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So, if kjempestor can mean huge, why can't kjempeliten mean tiny? Or does it and duo was just being super duper nitpicky?


It's accepted on our end.


Hello again cat lady archeologist! Kjempe seems translate and functional well as "really". i.e. "really big", "realy small", "really old". Estas de aquerdo, no? 2Jul19


Kjempe can mean both "quite" and "very", ikke sant? Both should be acceptable, in my opinion.


quite is "ganske".

Mauren er ganske liten --> The ant is quite small


Quite is a bit of an odd one, because in different regions, the severity of quite differs. It can be "Only slightly", "somewhat" or even "extremely".


Can confirm, in the American South we use it to mean "very."


Is 'incredibly small' too strong as a translation for kjempeliten?


I can't tell you for certain, but as students we have to watch out any time there's another word that would have been used if the translation is what we're thinking. In this example, if they meant "incredibly small" they would have used "utrolig" for "incredibly". So far I've not found a closer single word for "kjempe-" than the way English speakers use "super" as an informal intensifier. Seems to work pretty well with that.


I believe that would be 'utroligvis liten' but I don't know.


Why wasn't "The ant is so small" accepted?


That would have been "Mauren er så lite". For "so small" to be an accepted translation would be like telling English speakers there's no difference between intensifiers such as "so", "very", "super".

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