"Homoj volas pli da libereco kaj egaleco."

Translation:People want more liberty and equality.

June 4, 2015

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Sed ne pli da frateco?


Tiu muzikvideo pri libereco, egaleco, frateco bedaŭrinde nehavas Esperantajn subtekstojn. Distriĝu per la traduko ;-)


kial libereco estas antaŭita per "da"? ĉu libereco estas kvanto?


Well if you think of freedom as a complex consisting of several (independent) 'freedoms' then yes - f.e. you can say: freedom as a total contains having freedom of speech AND freedom of religion, if you only have one of them you're just partly free and therefore aiming for more freedom.


Kio estas la diferenco inter libero kaj libereco? Ambaŭ signifas "freedom"


Since both are derived from the adjective „libera“ there should not be much of a difference, as the „-ec-“ suffix denotes properties, just like the „-a“ suffix.

But I just checked Plena Ilustrita Vortaro, and while it defines „libero“ simply as the state of being „libera“ it gives five specific definitions for „libereco:“

  • state of someone not belonging to a master
  • state of a citizen no being under despotism
  • state of an independent country
  • state of someone whose actions are not restricted by any formal constraints
  • a certain right granted to a person or group (libereco de parolo = freedom of speech)

PMEG says that with roots defining a property (such as liber-) the basic -o form (libero) denotes an abstract idea while the .-eco form (libereco) denotes a quality. The English word freedom can mean both.

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