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Chance of seeing an Esperanto for Chinese or Spanish course?

Now that the Esperanto portion is done, would this be that hard to make happen?

June 4, 2015



I asked amuzulo about this a while ago and this is what he had to say:


I noticed that "amuzulo" means "amazing person" XD

And it is true


Amuza = amusing.


Amazulo and his team speak chinese too? :) If not, the new courses should be made by another team, so why to wait?


Because Duolingo wants to wait till the course is stable, and it's Duolingo who has control over when a course hits the incubator.


The point is that this course will use our Esperanto tree as a foundation for their course. The more refined our course is by the time they use it, the better the foundation they have for developing the new Esperanto course in their language.


Considering that Portuguese is going great 77%, what's the next language? Chinese? Or learn Chinese via Esperanto.


Junesun does, but she's working on her own Chinese course learnyu,com (which I recommend). She's probably too busy for it right now but it's foreseeable. There are also many other Esperantists in China, so it's a possibility.


My hope is that we can start to get iun ajn lingvon por esperantistoj courses going! That way people can learn a simple language and use that as a node, sort of like English right now. I think Esperanto would work wonders for laddering.


YES. I would LOVE that.


I'd love to give laddering a try, I think it'd really help me to separate the languages in my head and reinforce vocabulary. Please make a French-Esperanto course Duo!


Give me a few months to master Esperanto more, and I'll gladly apply to be a contributor for that course!


Im going to try for the French-Esperanto course once I've spoken a bit of Eo in the wild. :)


I'm sure it's going to happen sooner than later (after the Eo/En course graduates probably). Esperantists are big enthusiasts, and eager to spread their knowledge. You can also find them in all countries of the world. I'm looking forward to learn my favorite languages from Esperanto rather than English (if the course is not available in my mother tongue). It will make the learning process much easier.


Yes, but maybe Esperanto for German speakers or for Portuguese speakers will be first, since, as I heard, Germany and Brasil are the countries where there are the most Esperanto speakers (so maybe the more will to learn it).


Esperanto for English speakers isn't finished yet. It is still in beta and they're working on it everyday.


I remember in one of the team's updates they said that Esperanto for Spanish is definitely a possibility, but they'd have to get the current course out of beta first.


I think Esperanto for German speakers will be next, because they already have a bilingual Esperanto-German speaker working on the Esperanto team.


I think they have several! Amuzulo and Junesun both live in Berlin, and Dejo, the erstwhile team member also speaks German.


I strongly suspect that [X]>EO courses will happen just as soon as Duolingo gives the green light, I don't think there will be any shortage of willing volunteers :)


I would like to apply for a Esperanto for Spanish speakers

I saw a thread about that some time ago

But nowadays I'm quite busy

Meh, I'll see


It would be wonderful if we finished studying the Esperanto course for English speakers and then we postulate as contributors to create the Esperanto course for Spanish speakers. Of course, not right now because, like you, I am extremely busy.


Maybe in the future ;)

Thank you


This is great, Esperanto for X users (in addition to Chinese and Spanish) and we'll have a lot of Esperantist here.


I could contribute to a course for Spanish speakers :D

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