"Le sac est dans la poubelle."

Translation:The bag is in the trash can.

December 27, 2012

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Americans don't say bin for trash can. It would need a adjective to modify the bin. Trash bin, garbage bin, trash can, garbage can, or simply trash or garbage.


I don't have any problem with any of the names that Duolingo and other people are assigning to the word 'poubelle'. I do, however, have a problem that in another thread on this same topic, people were getting marked wrong for not using the word 'bin'. I was translating it as 'trash can', but I was still getting it marked correct. But, the thread emphasized that 'bin' would have been a better choice. So, once I got to this question, I decided to conform and use what DuoLingo just taught me. Instead of typing "The sack is in the trash can", I typed "The sack is in the bin.' just as DuoLingo wanted. WRONG!! On the entry screen, it says I should have entered "The sack is in the dustbin", and above on this screen it says the correct translation was "The bag is in the trash can."!!! So, until DuoLingo can make up its mind was to what the correct translation is ....... all discussions on this topic can go straight in the poubelle!!


The "thread" represents comments by people who feel compelled to register their point of view. All the usual expressions used by English speakers pretty much everywhere have been incorporated, including yours. If you want to have one "correct translation", that will guarantee that all the variations go into the bin. Variations may often be presented as "another correct translation" so don't worry about it as long as yours is accepted.


Why inside is not accepted? I think inside/in shoul mean the same in this case.


That sounds odd to me. Is that how you'd usually say it?


I think that "inside" only makes sense for those trash cans that have lids.


The last question allowed trash can as a correct response. Not consistent!


It was not originally accepted anywhere, so it was reported at that sentence and would then need to be reported at this sentence also. Wait a minute, it was added and is at the top of this page as accepted. Did you have the multiple choice for which you must choose all correct answers?

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