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Any plans for bonus lessons to get with lingots?

I know it's more important to get the actual lesson plan hammered out and out of beta, but last night I enjoyed watching a World of Warcraft Esperanto lesson on Youtube and I was wondering what types of themes we might get to look forward to if bonus lessons are on the distant horizon? Or what bonus lessons would be interesting to people?

June 4, 2015



Yep, the Eo Culture and Flirting skills are done. We're just waiting for Duolingo to sort out a technical issue relating to them. And yes, I have no idea how long that will take.


According to the incubator updates: Yes.


I think the Flirting skill is going to be hilarious. By the way you do not need it, if you speak Esperanto, you are already sexy.


I don't know of any bonus skills on the distant horizon, but I'd like to see lots of other bonus skills, such as holiday stuff, etc. There's a lot out there that the DL community would like to see. :)

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