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Librivox: La Aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando/Alice in Wonder Land

I found a list of free Esperanto audio books, one of which is La Aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando/Alice in Wonder Land! I found it on librivox.org along with many other Esperanto poem collections. I love this website because it has tons of free books in almost any language you could care to mention, often read by native speakers! It's great listening practice, and you can even help by contributing in a language that you speak. Because it is free and open source, not all books sound super high-quality. But it definitely helps listening and comprehension, so I hope you'll check it out!

Esperanto books: https://librivox.org/la-aventuroj-de-alicio-en-mirlando-by-lewis-carroll/

Librivox list of languages: https://librivox.org/search?primary_key=0_category=language_page=1_form=get_results

June 4, 2015



Beware, this book is hard to read. I tried when I was a beginner. I failed.


I've had this book for a while but I give up every time I attempt it. It's good to have an audio recording to listen to while you read along though.


I just registered yesterday and I am planning to read some Esperanto.


The 'Alice' seemed OK but I have heard some errors on the pronunciation with some Librivox material. (I seem to recall someone pronouncing ĉevalo as 'shevalo' rather than 'chevalo'). Perhaps all the enthusiasm generated by Duolingo Esperanto will lead to some more recordings. :)


That would be great! Open-source media has its limits in quality, but more readers increase the probability of great voices in stories!


What a great resource! Thank you :)

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