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  5. "Hvad barberer du lige nu?"

"Hvad barberer du lige nu?"

Translation:What are you shaving right now?

June 4, 2015



"Those hairs do not grow on a chin" - Pablo Francisco


"Lige nu" is most often stated by native English speakers as just "now". "Right now" is generally an expression used in anger or exasperation such as "what are you doing right now!" I feel either "now" or "right now" should be accepted as correct.


Does this sentence have a special meaning in Danish? Or it is literally what it is?


It's literal. No hidden meanings. :)


Could it be "How are you shaving right now?' Merle Danish


No.. "how" translates to "hvordan". So it would be "hvordan barberer du lige nu?"


right now is an expression used by american english speakers. british or other english speakers don't tend to say it other than in imitation of americans or bizarrely (due to american influence) when recording messages for their answerphone. I feel therefore that the system should accept now or even at the moment as being acceptable alternatives

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