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  5. "Jenta er svært flink."

"Jenta er svært flink."

Translation:The girl is very skilled.

June 4, 2015



What is the difference, if any exists, between "svært" and "veldig"?


"svært flink" is even better than "veldig flink". "Veldig flink" is very good, but "svært flink" implies that one excels at it.


I (Norwegian born but no longer fluent) always felt like 'svært' came from 'svær', which means huge or massive. So 'svært flink' translates roughly to hugely good.


I thought svær was difficult.

[deactivated user]

    Why not smart?


    You can think of "flink" as being good/clever/skilled at something. It doesn't necessarily have the connotation of being smart or intelligent, because there are many things you can be good at without being particularly bright.

    It can also be used in the "good girl" sense, as in "I think you're good because you acted the way I wanted you to".

    Generally, I'd say that this is a tricky adjective to translate when there's no preposition involved. When the sentence is "Jenta er (svært) flink [til/i] X" it translates much better.

    [deactivated user]

      Tusen takk :-) alt klart


      I also think of "flink" as "clever". So I miss this question every time I pick "sly." But is it actually wong?

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