"Our glasses"

Translation:Glassene våre

June 4, 2015



Just to make sure: "glassene" only refers to glass, not to spectacles, correct?


How come you can say "mine barn" but not "våre glassene"?


barn is indefinite, glassene is not. "våre glassene" is like saying "our the glasses".

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    So to make everything clear - you can say 'våre glasser'.


    Glass is a monosyllabic neuter noun, so its indefinite plural form is also glass. As such, the POSS + INDEFINITE form would be våre glass.

    You're on the right track! ;)


    why sine briller is not correct ?


    "Sine" is only used to point the ownership back to the subject of the sentence. Here, there is no subject to point back to, as it's not a full sentence; it's just a noun and a possessive.


    Why is "briller våre" not accepted? Glasses can mean both.


    "Brillene våre" is. When the noun precedes the possessive, it needs to be in its definite form.


    i wrote "vart glass" which was wrong but the correct answer is given as "vare glass." Then when I opened the comment section, the correct translation it gives "glassene vare." I'm assuming the comment section translation is correct. Very confusing.


    "Våre glass" and "glassene våre" are equally correct.


    "Glassa våre" er også korrekt? Hvorfor?


    Many neuter nouns have the option of ending the definite plural in either "-ene" or "-a", with the former being the more moderate variant, and the latter the more radical.

    This course consistently uses "-ene" for the default translations, but of course accepts both.


    thank you for the answer!


    "Glasser våre" Why is this incorrect? How does this work with the plurals, does one use the definite form?


    You can use either the definite or indefinite form of the noun, but where the possessive should go will differ depending on which form you choose.

    When you use the definite form of the noun, the possessive should go after the noun.

    When you use the indefinite form of the noun, the possessive should go in front of the noun.

    As such, both glassene våre and våre glass are correct. The former is more common and colloquial, whereas the latter tends to emphasize ownership.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Edit: I forgot that glass is a monosyllabic neuter noun, so its indefinite plural form should be glass, not "glasser". Sorry about that! :P


    correct me if i'm wrong... so..."va°re" is the singolar and plural form for objects. "va°r" and "va°rt" are the singolar and plural form for subject ??


    Here is a chart for Norwegian Bokmål Personal Pronouns. https://imgur.com/LKNpitU I hope this helps. I got this chart from the following website: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/deres#Norwegian_Bokm%C3%A5l

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