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"A cabinet is a piece of furniture, like a big box with a door or doors."

Translation:Ŝranko estas meblo, kvazaŭ granda kesto kun pordo aŭ pordoj.

June 4, 2015



What's the difference between kiel and kvazaŭ. I'm sure it's something obvious but I can't see it


Quoting Ivy Kellerman's A Complete Grammar of Esperanto, the International Language:

«The interrogative adverb kiel (134) is also used as a relative adverb of manner and degree, with tiel, or same, or an equivalent adverb or phrase for its antecedent. It may often be translated “as”. (p. 144)

«Clauses of imaginative comparison are introduced by the conjunction kvazaŭ".» (p. 233)

P.S. Check the link and the pages for a few examples of usage of each word.


Dankon sinjoro, mi cxiam volis kompletan gramatikolibron.


I want this sentence to end with: "…but that's not important."

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