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"Klærne dine havnet gulvet."

Translation:Your clothes ended up on the floor.

June 4, 2015



Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky


Men alt jeg kan se er bare et gult sitrontree


very useful phrase, takk ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


Hahahah "å havne" what a hilarious verb! Really got me laughing, because I wasn't thinking of "landing" like a ship!


that is indeed the etymology


My, what a sensual sentence.


So...just to confirm, the infinitive of the verb in this sentence is "å havne," yes? And can it be used to describe the fate of a person or the result of a situation as well? For example: "My brother ended up becoming a doctor"= "Broren min havnet å bli lege"? "Our meeting ended up being very productive"= "Møtet vårt havnet å være veldig produktiv"?

  • I didn't get that drunk last night.
  • Dude, klærne dine havnet på gulvet!


Is there a more elegant translation than "ended up"? Havnet is such a nice word, like haven, there must be a less slangy English equivalent.


You can say "landed" in English as well, but this is not as common as it is in Norwegian. And the idea in the Norwegian sentence is indeed more like "ended up", namely that this uis the "final position", You can't preserve both the metaphor and the intended meaning at the same time.

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