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  5. "Du spielst rechts."

"Du spielst rechts."

Translation:You play on the right.

December 27, 2012



Suppose Children playing some team sport, like football. Someone says 'you play to the right'. Its like a team division.


Or a multi-person Dr.Suess style instrument is being played.


Does it mean you play right-handed?

  • this would be "Du spielst rechtshändig" for example tennis
  • "Du spielst rechts." is rather a short form - for example in soccer - to talk with your team - ... and partition the work ... "hey, du spielst links - ich spiele rechts - klar" ... this means "you play on the left side of the football ground and i play on the right side."


Does this also mean right as in "correctly", because that's what would actually sound logical.


No, this is the directional right


That's what i tought, too. Is it really right to use "rechts" as "correct"?


Fairly certain you should uses richtig oder stimmt.


Not an expert but I've heard phrases like "Du hast recht" used in conversation to say someone is correct. I believe "rechts" with an s is the genitive form of the word and so can only be used for the "right side" as that's the only definition that can reasonably "possess" something. It makes sense to say "the right side (of the political spectrum, the sports field, etc...) has a thing", but not "the correctness has a thing".

TL;DR: recht in some forms can be used to assert correctness, just not the genitive.

All that said, I'm just another learner like you, so I don't guarantee "ich habe recht"!


Wasn't there an exercise with "der Experte ist rechts"? Does that also mean that the expert is on the directional right?? :-/


Does this mean:

-you play correctly and/or -you play rightfield and/or - you play on the right side of [x location] and/or



It only means on tge right side.

It does NOT mean to play correctly.


this refer to football, you play to the right or to the left


It refers to any time you need to play on the right side.


Can you also say: Du spieslt auf der rechts Seite?

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