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"She usually reads two books each month."

Translation:Ŝi kutime legas po du libroj monate.

June 4, 2015



What is the purpose of po in this sentence.


Po seems more to mean "at a rate of". The dictionary I looked at says it is a noun but ... to me seems to act more like an adverb. "Reads at a rate of" or "costs at a rate of".


Looks like it stands for "each."


Yeah, but it's each month, right, not each two books. A real pain, this po.


It comes form Polish "po". In Polish: Ona zwykle czyta (po) dwie książki miesięcznie. In Esperanto: Ŝi kutime legas (po) du libroj monate. But it seems that without "po" the sentance would also be understandable. Besides, you can also say: "Ŝi kutime legas du librojn ĉiumonate"


It's a bit like German 'jeweils', I guess, though you would leave that out more often than not.


Kial "Sxi kutime legas du libroj monate" malpravas? Bonvolu, ekspliki min. Mi neniam vidis la vorton "po"!


Sen "po" oni bezonas akuzativon: ŝi kutime legas du librojn...


What’s up with this word po?

Po can be a tricky word. In the time since I commented in this thread, I’ve rethought a few details. I’m compiling my thoughts in this thread here. If you have questions about po, you might want to check it out.


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