"Azenoj ne estas insektoj sed mamuloj."

Translation:Donkeys are not insects but mammals.

June 5, 2015

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I'm learning about donkeys in this lesson.


No they're neither! Donkeys are democrats!


...demokratoj estas mammuloj....


Somehow, this reminded me about the following exchange in an absurd Finnish comic by J. Tilsa:

(a whale was just referred to a a fish) - A whale is not a fish. - Really? - No, it's an insect. (whale spreads its wings and flies away from the scene)


I wrote "donkeys aren't insects but are mammals" which is correct English.


yes i may be correct english but that doesn't mean it is also a correct translation.


What is the origin of azeno?


Esperanto azeno
from Italian asino, from Latin asinus

In the Universala Vortaro you get translations to five languages - français, English, Deutsch, русский, polski.
Do note that it's from 1905, and that the Oficialaj Aldonoj ("Official Additions") of course aren't included, though.

There's also Andras Rajki's E.D.E.L. (Etymological Dictionary of the Esperanto Language). Use with caution, though - or, as it says on the Wikipedia Esperanto etymology page:

Note: This dictionary should be used with caution. For example, amelo (starch) is given as a rare example of a Greek word that does not occur in Latin. However, it is not only a Latin derivation (from amyl-um), but more directly derives from German amel-.


It's something to do with the English "ass"


I was just wondering how I'd remember equating 'donkey' with 'azeno'...no chance of forgetting now XD


I forgot an m in mammals (mamals) should that be marked wrong?


I suspect that typo detection is a feature of Duolingo and not of the course, and thus I would say it's not something you should report. The number of typos the EO team would have to address would be untenable, and they'd be unlikely to do anything about it anyway. IMHO, don't bother to report. (I say this as someone whose keyboard is flaky and thus makes many typos.)


it think the spell checking allows for some errors. Based on how badly you did I think it can guess if you just typed too fast or actually don't know the spelling


The more you know


Does Duo have something for donkeys and tomatoes?


I don't know, but I think he likes red things


An alternative for 'donkey' in English is 'ass' (not in a rude way!)

Anyway this is how to remember 'azeno'.


Duolingo. Teaching us valuable lessons one sentence at a time.


"Donkeys are not insects but mammals." The correct sentence is "Donkeys are not insects, they are mammals."


But 'sed' means 'but' and the first sentence is correct. Certainly it's what I'd use in English. There's an implied (instead)

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