"That is enough."

Translation:Tio sufiĉas.

June 5, 2015

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Except if it's chocolate cake. In that case it's never enough.


I type tiu sufiĉas and got docked. Why should that be?


After "tiu" you need something to define it (at least a noun). Here only "tio" makes sense because it's a demonstrative pronoun to an unknown subject.


It is like in Spanish and Portuguese?

  • tio → eso → isso
  • tiu → ese → esse


Similar, but I'm not sure its exactly the same (perhaps you can tell us). "Tio" is trying to indicate the general category or set that is/will be discussed. Are we talking about people, or about vegetables, or floor waxes, or what? "Tiu" is indicating an individual, from a known, or indicated category. That specific person, that specific vegetable, that specific can of floor wax.

The category is often specified by a noun immediately after "tiu". Tiu libro estas interesa = That book is interesting; Tiu hundo apartenas al mi = That dog belongs to me. Alternatively, "tiu" can be used by itself, if the category is specified previously, or in some other way. La katoj estas ĉarmaj. Tiu estas la plej vigla. = The cats are charming. That one is the most energetic.

In a phrase like "That is enough", "that" is general and non-specific. Without other context, it specifies the general category of discourse, rather than an individual from a known category. Hence, "tio" rather than "tiu".


It's just like Spanish and Portuguese, yes.

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