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"Vi plejer at se hinanden hver dag."

Translation:We usually see each other every day.

June 5, 2015



Why "each day" is not accepted????? "hver" also means "each"!!!!!


We usually to see each other every day? Why couldn't you just say "vi plejer se hinanden..."? Is adding the 'at' just a rule?


    "pleje" always takes an "at + infinitive" when expressing something that tends to happen (like it is "tends to see" rather than "tends see" in English)


    'tend' is given as a translation for 'plejer' when you hover over the word but was given as incorrect when used - even though 'we tend to see each other every day' makes more sense as a translation given the grammar being taught in this skill.


    My attempt to stay near the danish original > We are used to see each other every day. < was not accepted. Very sorry. ☹


    In English, "see each other" and "see one another" mean the same thing. How would one say "see one another" in Danish?

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