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"He spends his weekdays swimming."

Translation:Han bruger sine hverdage på at svømme.

June 5, 2015


[deactivated user]

    In English, you could also say "He spends his weekdays on swimming."


    But why do we need both "på + at" ? I though I was starting to understand these things and now I see them combined in a sentence, I want to cry


    And why is "på" not also indicate, when I tap the verb?


    I believe the reason for the på is to go with bruger, because generally when you spend something, you spend it on something. So I think it should be thought of as "bruger sine hverdage på" as one part, and the "at svømme" separate.


    *Literally 'on to swim' - på at svømme


    *at svømme - swimming

    *svømme - swim

    I think...


    So many words with the same meaning im confused


    Hang in there. Sometimes some language features don't make sense to a non-native speaker and just need to be memorized. You will get it eventually.

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