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Anyone planning to take "Gerda Malaperis!"?

After completing the course, I'm planning to take Gerda Malaperis! of Claude Piron?

From Wikipedia

In the novel, dialogue begins simply and progresses in difficulty using everyday vocabulary (with word-lists available in various languages). It is suitable for beginners trying to improve their grasp of the Esperanto language, and a rehearsal of basic grammar and an entertaining story.

The mystery begins when three college students witness the strange disappearance (capture?) of a woman who is an expert in "cryptic languages"...

The page has various links to the book.

June 5, 2015



I started reading it yesterday and was surprised how much of it I understood.


I started reading it a few days ago and had the same surprise. Nice feeling!


Gerda malaperis is a really good way to go on learning. There are accompanying texts "Lasu min paroli plu" which reuse the words and affixes of the "Gerda malaperis" lessons in other contexts for the words and their construction to sink in well. It seems they are not on lernu, but you can find them on the website of the French youth Esperanto association: ikurso.esperanto-jeunes.org/fr/gerda/lasu00.php (chapters links at the bottom).

Note that Gerda malaperis is available on DVD (and maybe on youtube.)


Oh that sounds interesting. Mi volas legai gxin !


Ankaŭ mi esperas legi ĝin!


If you like this dialog-based approach, also check out Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo, which is a 16-episode soap opera in Esperanto with increasing difficulty of the dialog from episode to episode. You can enjoy it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3VD8MnxHymAi4Xft9l52MtPdCe_RGmXY


You can get audio of the first parts of Gerda at lernu.net and there is a full length film of it on youtube.

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