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  5. "Our house is big."

"Our house is big."

Translation:Nia domo estas granda.

June 5, 2015



So are domo and hejmo interchangeable?


No, domo means house, and is a building. Hejmo means home and is the place you belong to, and usually, though not always, the place you live. (American realtors have done their best to make "house" and "home" synonymous -- don't be fooled.)


Thanks for the good feedback. :)


Totally agree with you, a house can be bought but a home hqs to be biult it


is it ok to say: nia granda domo estas? like how in latin it does that a lot, where they put is at the end because word order doesnt matter a whole lot


Esperanto has pretty good flexibility in the placement of subject and direct object, because of the accusative -n marker. Other than that, changing word order is likely to affect meaning. "Nia domo estas granda" doesn't have the same meaning as "Nia granda domo estas". The latter doesn't seem like a complete thought, on its own. It could be the answer to a questions like, "What is your most valuable possession?" Otherwise, we would expect some word after "estas", such as "Nia granda domo estas blanka (white)."

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