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"Non mi piace per niente la pallacanestro."

Traduzione:I do not like basketball at all.

October 1, 2013

7 commenti


I don't like basket at all. !!!!!! Basket and basketball are the same.


I know basket means also other like (cestino). But in the spoken language if you are going to ask to some guys if they want to you play basket match I can assure you they understand perfectly.


you are here to learn the grammatical correct English not the "street" one. Just to make a correction to your sentence: "I know basket means other things" not just "means other" Now about the correct translation of "basket" it just means "cestino, canestro, punto (nella pallacanestro)". The fact that people understand that you mean the sport and not the object is the same as if you find a foreign person in Italy that asks for "mailano" and you understand he means "milano"; it doesn't mean it is the correct word and that they are not laughing at you


I do not like the basketball at all! Che errore c'è??


L'articolo. Generalmente non ci vuole davanti agli sport

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