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  5. "Det er få hus i bygda."

"Det er hus i bygda."

Translation:There are few houses in the village.

June 5, 2015



Does "få" in the sentence also emphasize "the lack of something" as "few" in English? And how to say "a few"?


To express lack you'd add 'for', or make it into a negative statement:

Det er for få hus i bygda.
There are too few houses in the village.

Det er ikke nok hus i bygda.
There aren't enough houses in the village.

To say 'a few', we use 'noen få':

Det er noen få hus i bygda.
There are a few houses in the village


I think that would depend on context, I'd just think of 'få' as there being a small number of them, not that there should be more.

'a few' could probably translate to 'et par' (a couple).


isnt a town the same as a village

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